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The Creator Loves Us ( A Poem)

God created the universe and everything in it. He holds it all in His powerful hands—stars, oceans, time, us. Yet He bends down and invites us to be family. Family! Let's take Him up on His offer.

This beautiful poem is the first in a series of videos for Gospel Here & Now by Our Daily Bread . Make sure to check them out and let us know what you think!

Video Transcript:

Who turns Chaos into beauty with words spoken,

But Gently walks in a Garden with Friends

Who Hovers over the Raw materials of eternal time and space

to create form and structure, color and sound, plant and beast

while calling the chief of his creations " image of mine", you are family to me"

Who hold the eternity that houses all 24 hours ever revolving, yet at at a glance perfectly sees the files of the ancient to the forecast of the future?

Who orchestrates the stars in our Galaxy while keeping a constant love laser focused on us, his deigned humankind, man and woman, child and baby?

Only our God ever lasting.

But we have short lives. God has no beginning or end.

Our days are marked, and he made the markers.

Death mocks his Lordship. Sin corrupts the eternal timeline.

So we're alone to ponder what's next at after, our 75 years play out.

They close the scene. It's over.

The grave claims the mark over out last days,

each and everyone of us

But this majestic God holds the hours, minutes, and seconds,

and He, yes He, beckons through revelation,

"Take what I have. Tale my time. Take my eternal life."

You see a god who does not hold time cannot give time,

and a god who holds time, but could careless about his created

who guard this precious community.

But in God, the Only True God, you have both power of time,

and a love to give it back to us.

He holds the ability to give eternal life by unrestrained love

to anyone who would enter into his family through faith in his son,

the firstborn to rise from the dead, and prove time is in his hands to freely give. And now Jesus says the time to live eternally fro you, is now.

Poetry from Our Daily Bread. Go to gospelhereandnow.org to find out more about them and their mission.

Texts was taken from Our Daily Bread's Youtube channel

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