The Ultimate Guide to Christian Creative Conferences in 2018

Every christian creative need a place where they can cultivate their creativity and learn new things about using your gifts and talents to glorify God. Check out these recommended conferences to check out for the year of 2018

1. Dreams and Visions 2018 - An Experience for Creatives

Cost : $ | Location: Miami Florida | Date : December 7 - 8, 2018

Dreams and Visions is unlike any other creative conference in the world. It is preferably called an experience instead of a conference because it is like a mini art basel event but for kingdom creatives across the world. Dreams and Visions Experience occurs during Art Basel week in Miami Florida, the most important event in the modern and contemporary art calendar across the world. During #artbaselweek they highlight #kingdomcreatives who are impacting the arts world by hosting gallery experiences, fashion shows, creative sessions many more!

2. The Create Conference ( April 5 – 7, 2018 )

Cost : $$ | Location: McDonough, Georgia | Date : December 7 - 8, 2018

The CREATE Conference is an unconventional confluence of the arts, culture, media, entertainment, and technology. The CREATE Conference allows you to attain knowledge and powerful tools on how to diversify your creativity. This conference also allows you to network with creative influences from all over the world, and teaches you how to navigate the terrain of the creative world

3. Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference ( Nov 14-16 2018 )

Cost : $$ | Location: Sydney, Australia | Date : November 14 - 16, 2018

Hillsong Worship and Creative Conference is a creative conference located in Sydney, Australia that gathers all artisans to explore their calling, respond in worship & create with beauty, to fulfill Jesus’ great commission. This year's theme will be The Ascent. Conference date is from Nov 14th -16th, 2018

4. Bethal School of Creativity Conference 2018

Cost : $$ | Location: Redding, California | Date : May 15 - 18, 2018

Bethal School of Creativity is a conference based upon a developmental model, where sessions, workshops (art, culinary, dance, drama, fashion, film, landscaping, social media, music, photography, writing), and interactive free times for critique and prophetic ministry will support and confirm your call. Our theme this year is Made in His Image: “Breathe, Believe, Become”

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