What is a Kingdom Creative?

What is a kingdom creative? A kingdom creative is a person that use his or her imagination or original ideas to create something artistically that glorifies God & and spread the good news of the Gospel. While there’s no “typical” Kingdom creative type, there are some tell-tale characteristics and behaviors that distinguished kingdom creative individuals from just creative individuals.

Here are some ways #KingdomCreative and a #creatives are different

1. A Kingdom creative is a God-lead artist. In other words, a kingdom creative let the Holy Spirit lead them when creating their work. A kingdom creative is not not just a painter or musician or writer. They are unique individuals. This person sees the world a little differently than others Christians and uses their talents to spread the Gospel. They choose to step out of the box and use their gifts to worship God in a new way.

2. A creative is a thought leader ( a minister). They influence people not necessarily through personality but through their innate gifts, talents and testimonies. They minister through the arts to the world about Jesus.

3. Kingdom Creatives have a different goal. Kingdom creatives notice that when we create art it is not all about ourselves. We now that we are servants. Our main mission is to help others see Jesus.

4. We recognize that art and worship compliment each other. Kingdom creatives recognize that the deeper we go with God, the better art we make. To us art and worship compliment each other and serving in the local church gives our art a place to serve others.

Kingdom Creatives help us see the Gospel in a new light — to perceive a new dimension, a deeper way of encountering what we may or may not know about God.

Don’t you agree?

Are you a Kingdom creative? What’s your definition for a kingdom creative? Comment below. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag to #akingdomcreativeis.

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